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Machine binding:

$.15/linear inch front only

$.25/linear inch front and back

I use 2 1/2" double fold, cotton binding.  You can provide your own prepared binding, or I can prep it for you from your fabric and return any extra to you.

Make binding from your fabric: $10

Sew back seam: $10


$.05/square inch

(may take longer than two weeks)

Digital quilting with:

  • Separate sections of the quilt stitched in different patterns

  • Blocks stitched separately, with or without echo around edges

  • Significant amounts of working around quilt elements (avoiding appliqued areas, etc.)

  • Creation of custom area design


I am often asked if I am willing to work with older quilt tops that have come from a relative or friend and never got made into a finished product.  YES!

Every quilt deserves to be quilted and loved.  I am happy to assess these older gems with you and collaborate on the best way to bring them out of storage and into life where they can be appreciated.

Email me to set up a consultation!

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